The mPLC™ Protocol

Electrify your network.



mPLC™ adapts to your application or requirements. No changes needed to your existing protocol layer


Limitless scalability of mPLC™ allows building extreme high nodes low rate networks with ease and reduced costs


Built in redundancy check and continuous connectivity guarantees 99.9% accuracy and no-loss delivery

Your network - Powered

What is mPLC™

What is the mPLC™ ? well, in lay-man terms in it a normal IP network , but the big difference is that it runs on your normal power infrastructure . That's right - it means that you do not need any special network wiring or wall outlets, you just plug your network into the existing wall power outlets - and you are done .

Your network - wired

Why is mPLC™ needed

WIFI is king . Right ? But We all know what happens to WIFI when you get to that slightly remote room in your house, or the basement - now imagine trying to get a single WIFI network in a 40 stores high hotel, or a large cruise ship .
... And Ethernet has different problem of distance limitations - with similar consequences . mPLC takes the advantages of both methods - minus the problems .

Your network - No Obstacles

How does mPLC™ Works

By using precision alternation of frequencies , the mPLC™ is able to transmit the required data on the same existing electricity cables infrastructure without any interference and easily penetrate obstacles that would reduce any wireless communication method. But even though it can work everywhere - we would not recommend it for small offices or residential use , It is best used for low-rate commercial and industrial applications.

Your structure - No infrastructure

Where could it be used

Although mPLC™ can work everywhere , it is not designed for home use . There are far better solutions for small offices and apartments . But Big structures like factories, office buildings, hotels and ships is where strength of the mPLC™ protocol and devices really shines. Using the existing electrical infrastructure for reliable network communications translates into huge savings in network deployment , adaptation and installation expenses .



Hopping obstacles like walls, noise and interference-intensive machinery , metals, and RF barriers is easily done . Vertically and Horizontally.


Save precious Install and configuration time to concentrate on your system. The true meaning of Plug-N-Play.


Eliminate dedicated infrastructure on deployment to save labor, equipment and work .


Pick any of our super affordable pricing plans



per month
  • Up to 16 Nodes
  • 4 meta-routers



per month
  • Up to 32 Nodes
  • 12 meta-routers
  • Installation Support



per month
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • 16 meta routers
  • IOT Cloud panel
  • 1.5GB Disk Space