innovating IOT.
long before the term was coined.

Long before the term IOT was invented, k9t9 has researched & developed some of the most advances cloud based embedded systems, and with it's unique portfolio of intellectual property - has become a true leader in iIOT , i4.0 & large b2b IOT solutions.

Today - k99 is a fast growing international company specialized in R&D for tailor made turn key IOTand iIOT technological solutions for high end industries such as industrial manufactoring, Retail industry, Hospitality,Logistics and Mobile communications..and more.

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At k99, our portfolio of intellectual properties together with our vast multi-year experience & expert development team has resulted in some of the most innovative projects in the field.
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Simple solutions to complicated problems

At k99, we understand how hard is to innovate, but also how vital it is to your business. If you can identify the problem - we can deliver the solution.
Our R&D facilities and multidisciplinary team has proven capability of integrating electronics, software, mechanical engineering and UX in order to research , develop, manufacture and deliver the most simple solution to complicated problems.

New horizons

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At k99


Major Clients & Collaboraations

k99, Has developed hundreds of different system and technologies for numerous industries and diverse clients.
Though we can not list them all - you can see some of them here. For more info please refer to the projects page.

IOT & i4.0


Today everyone is talking about smart.
smart homes. smart cities . smart devices .
..and they invented a hip name for it - IOT . But turning a light bulb , or air condition, or your laundry machine ON and OFF with your phone does not make it smart ; This is Just a glorified switch.
Smart is data . Smart is Control and analytics Smart is sustainable development and maintenance

K99 has been doing just that - innovative R&D resulting in unique B2B IOT , iIOT, and loss prevention solutions - Enabling your business to become real smart .



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